We receive a lot of positive feedback from staff and students of all ages who love seeing the London Buddhist Centre and enjoy the friendly and accessible teaching in and out of school. Many schools and colleges make annual bookings with us.

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Eleanor and Matt

teachers at Britannia Village Primary School

The explanations that were given were very clear and informative - capturing and igniting the children's curiosity and interest in Buddhism and mindful practice. ​It was wonderful for them to also not only meet a Buddhist and receive that as a first-hand experience but then also to be guided through a meditation for a taster of what the life of a Buddhist involves. 


Y6 pupil at Britannia Village Primary School

The meditation was really calming, it helped me to sort out my thoughts.


Y6 pupil at Britannia Village Primary School

I really appreciated being able to see art inspired by Buddhism.  

Amanda Johnson

Teacher at South Hampstead High School

A very thought-provoking and fascinating insight into Buddhist belief and practice. Srivati really engaged the students with lots of interesting and reflective discussion resulting from the talk, both in the lesson and beyond.

Parvin Miah

teacher at Morpeth School

The London Buddhist Centre were very welcoming, they went through the history of Buddhism which lead to a great discussion with the pupils. They provided us with a range of activities, such as meditating. The kids thoroughly enjoyed their session there, the highlight was the question and answer session which was led by Srivati.


teacher at Smithy Street Primary School

Another very inspirational trip to the Buddhist Centre.  An informative interactive session in the meeting-room followed by a well-paced and calming introduction to meditation and mindfulness in the shrine room. We're already looking forward to next year's visit.  Thank you Srivati for being so warm and welcoming!


Year 6 pupil at Smithy Street Primary School

It was a wonderful trip.  I learnt a lot about Buddhism and enjoyed every second of it-I'm really glad we got the opportunity to go to help us with our learning in school. It was really interesting to hear about Srivati's journey to become a Buddhist.  I loved the chance to meditate-all my stress disappeared!  I would really recommend this to other students. 


Year 6 pupil at Smithy Street Primary School

It was better learning about Buddhism in a real temple rather than just looking at pictures in school.  I think Srivati's life story was really fascinating and when she talked about how a Buddhist lives their life it made so much sense. If I were to have the chance to return I definitely would.  


Year 6 pupil at Smithy Street Primary School

I think our trip was very educational.  I enjoyed the much needed meditation as it calmed me down during all our SATs revision back at school and it really did make me think how I could be a better person. 

Ian (Akela)

18th Epping Forest South cub pack

Srivati gave us a wonderful talk about Buddhism, as well as an introduction to meditation practice. The cubs were highly engaged for over an hour, and asked lots of interesting questions. It was a great part of our World Faiths badge!

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