Students Buddhist School Visits


We offer hosted visits at the London Buddhist Centre (LBC) in Bethnal Green E2 0HU, as well as visiting schools within the Greater London area and beyond.

We deliver engaging sessions and workshops at the LBC, in your classroom or hall and online. Content can be customised to suit the age of your pupils and your curriculum requirements.

Our hosts or visitors are experienced Buddhist practitioners, usually ordained in our Western Buddhist order, who will introduce and explore the themes in an age-appropriate way.

Overview and outcomes

We aim to support the two attainment targets of Religious Education: learning about and learning from religion. We do this by communicating the spirit of Buddhism as well as Buddhist principles and practices. We invite questions, discussion and reflection. We offer an introduction to the LBC, the Buddha, his teachings, and the spiritual community, as well as a simple, secular meditation practice.

Topics include:

  • What type of Buddhist your host is
  • What we do at the centre
  • The symbolism of the Buddha image
  • The nature of Enlightenment
  • Why and how Buddhists practice in daily life (karma, ethics, precepts)
  • Teachings such as the marks of conditioned existence, loving kindness
  • Any other interests such as worship, festivals and after death beliefs

For GCSE and Sixth Form students we can explore specific teachings in more detail.

The London Buddhist Centre is in a Grade II listed Victorian fire station and has been a place of Buddhist practice and worship since 1978. Its history and special atmosphere make for a fascinating visit experience.

These visits can deepen knowledge and understanding and make Buddhism come alive.